Fort Seward, Inc. Covered Wagon Train pulled by draft horse

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View from inside wagon, photo by J. Turner

A view from inside a covered wagon.



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  Comment from a participant:
We couldn't imagine a vacation for a week for our whole family this cheap. It was a great vacation we will always remember. Each of us learned more things about ourselves and each other as a family.


Fort Seward, Inc. Covered Wagon Train since 1969Our Registration Forms

Children visiting with horses, photo by J. Turner

Registration Opens Feb. 1, 2018!

The Hitch'Em Up Trail
June 24th – 30th, 2018


Please e-mail our if you would like to be on our announcement mailing list.

Good News! A college credit via the Univ. of Wisconsin-Platteville is available to those interested, apply for the course (fees required) and register to come on the wagan train. For more information, or phone him at 608-342-1347.

Also, the Valley City State University, Valley City, North Dakota, is now is now offering course EDUC 700, Remember When - Fort Seward Wagon Train - Instructor: Mary Eileen Devine Meyer. Check the Universities website for updates/fees for future wagon trains.

Following below are optional forms of registration. We are now allowing the payment option of 30% down to reserve wagon seating, with remaining balance due on or before June 1st, for those who wish to use this option.

  • *REGISTER ON-LINE--from our own secure store. Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal accepted. Be sure to read the release form following below. Wagon Train Registration Gift Certificates are available!

  • REGISTRATION FORM PDF-- Print your own 2 page registration form to mail or fax. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on you computer to open this PDF file.

  • --E-mail us your mailing address with your request for a brochure.

  • MAILED BROCHURE--write us with your mailing address, request a registration form, and we will mail you one: Fort Seward, Inc., PO Box 244, Jamestown, ND 58402-0244.


If you are coming on the wagon train, don't forget to print out a copy of our Handy Packing List in .pdf.

*Registrations for wagon seating may close after the 120th wagon seat reservation is received. Fort Seward, Inc. reserves the right to cancel the wagon train at any time.
Privacy Policy.

P.O. BOX 244
JAMESTOWN, ND 58402-0244



Please read the following release. All registering participants must sign the line with the "X" following the release in agreement of this release. NOTE: This release may affect your legal rights

I (each of) the undersigned hereby request permission to register and be a participant of the Fort Seward, Inc. wagon train. I know the risks and dangers involved in the activity, and that unanticipated and unexpected dangers may arise during such activity, and I assume all risks of injury to my person and property that may be sustained in connection with the stated activity and associated activities of the Fort Seward, Inc. wagon train. I agree to comply fully with the regulations and policies of the Fort Seward, Inc. wagon train as described herein and in the policies sent out or announced before or during the ride pertaining to community, alcoholic beverages, period clothing and all other items expressed in these documents, and brochures. I understand that upon personal violation of any regulations or policies, I will be asked to leave without refund of registration fees, by the board of directors.

I also understand that any route or activity, chosen as a part of our outdoor adventure, may not be the safest, but has been chosen for its interest and challenge. Animals will be used or are present as part of our activities and I and my family understand that an animal irrespective of its training and usual past behavior and characteristics, may act or react unpredictably at times based upon instinct or fright which likewise, is an inherent risk to be assumed by each participant in the activity.

In consideration of the permission granted to me to participate in the stated activities, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, administrators and assigns, release, remise, and discharge Fort Seward, Inc., and any other entity that may be considered the operator and sponsor of the activities, and their respective servants, agents, officers, and officials, and all other participants in the stated activities of and from all claims, demands, actions and causes of action of any sort, for injuries sustained by my person and/or property during my presence on the Fort Seward, Inc. wagon train and my participation in the stated activities due to negligence or any other fault. I also agree that the legal laws of the State of North Dakota will preside in all matters requiring legal assistance.

I am aware that Fort Seward, Inc. reserves the right to cancel the wagon train at any time, as ordered by it's board of directors.

I represent and certify that I am over the age of 19 years, and if I am under the age of 18 years, I represent and certify that I have the permission of my parents and/or guardians to participate in the stated activities, and that they have full knowledge thereof.

For all registrants under the age of 18 years the undersigned, parents and/or guardians, sign as such parents and/or guardians and join in this instrument.


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Fort Seward, Inc. Pioneer Covered Wagon Train reinactment
Fort Seward, Inc. annual family trail ride Fort Seward, Inc. annual covered wagon train, relive the pioneer spirit Fort Seward, Inc. wagon train


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