Fort Seward, Inc. Covered Wagon Train pulled by draft horse


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Wagons carrying American Flags, parade down a country road.



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  Comment from a participant:
It was a bit tough coming with a toddler. But my family & I enjoyed it. It's an experience we will always remember.


Fort Seward, Inc. Covered Wagon Train since 1969Wagon Train History

Fort Seward, Inc. covered wagon train mascot Eagle

Fort Seward, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established in 1969. This organization was formed by local citizens whom wanted to preserve, protect and promote the history of the Fort Seward Infantry Post, Jamestown, as well as, the rest of North Dakota.

Historian shares with the participants the story of Limpy Jack--Photo by L. Deutscher

The Fort Seward Wagon Train began as a onetime experience but the organizers thought the experience so worthwhile that a wagon train has been organized annually since the first one in 1969. Now Fort Seward, Inc. considers the wagon train a project of great benefit to those who wish to relive the pioneer family experience. This adventure takes place for one full week in late June.

Fort Seward, Inc. continues to be organized by a Board of Directors; which volunteer their time to coordinate each wagon train trip. The board does not have any commercial interests in organizing our adventures. The wagon train is considered a valuable historical experience which the Board of Directors and volunteer staff find personal satisfaction.

2009 teamsters rest well discussing the trail. Photo by L. Deutscher


Fort Seward, Inc. Pioneer Covered Wagon Train reinactment
Fort Seward, Inc. annual family trail ride Fort Seward, Inc. annual covered wagon train, relive the pioneer spirit Fort Seward, Inc. wagon train


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