Fort Seward, Inc. Covered Wagon Train pulled by draft horse


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Comment from the Webmaster:
"Please don't let this experience pass you by. If you are able bodied, this is a great family quality adventure that will give you a better appreciation for God, Country, your family, and the Pioneer families that built this Country."



Fort Seward, Inc. Covered Wagon Train since 1969Welcome to Fort Seward, Inc. website


Howdy!   Since 1969, Fort Seward, Inc. holds an annual family oriented (bring the kids!) covered wagon train adventure, history talks, camping, nature lore, saddle horses permitted. The wagon train is usually held during the month of June and starts at Jamestown, North Dakota USA. We welcome families and individuals from all walks of life and it is not required to own or to ride a horse to participate. However, you should enjoy the outdoors and camping.

Howdy, from a Ft. Seward, Inc. teamster, photo by S. Kluvers

Our 2015 Wagon Train Has Ended!
Please Check Back In January 2016 For Detail For Our 2016 Adventure.

Pride Of The Prairie Trail
June 21st - 27th, 2015
Fort Seward, Inc. ~ 46th Anniversary!

Registrations Are Closed!

Check the news page for last announcements.

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If you are planning to join our next modern pioneer wagon train, be sure to check out the North Dakota Tourism website to find out about other events that will be going on before and after the wagon train.

A family enjoying the wagon train, photo by S. KluversThe Fort Seward covered wagon train celebrates it's historic anniversary annually. Check our web pages to find out more information about registration, fees, horses, history, dates, what to wear and bring. We have free recipes. Whenever possible we will visit communities in our area that are celebrating their centennial or jubilee. Be sure to check our links and novelty pages.

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Updated 11/21/2015

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Fort Seward, Inc. Pioneer Covered Wagon Train reinactment
Fort Seward, Inc. annual family trail ride Fort Seward, Inc. annual covered wagon train, relive the pioneer spirit Fort Seward, Inc. wagon train


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